Three Ways To Wear Horizontal Stripes

  • how-to-wear-stripes

    Please allow us to take this moment to bust a style myth: You can wear horizontal stripes. Yes, you! You with the curves, with the ample bosom, shopping in the petite section. This is one of those old wives tales like “Don’t go outside with your hair wet or you’ll catch a cold." It sounds like it sure would be true. But don't worry, Clementines - it’s not. In fact, stripes can actually do the opposite. The lines can instead emphasize your curves - your narrow waist, your slim legs - in all the right ways and be more flattering than you ever imagined. Here are three ways to style your favorite stripes, plus our favorite striped finds on the market - all under $50!

    Image Credit: Melissa O'Hearn

  • how to wear stripes

    Whether your curves are of the plus size or the baby bump variety, Anh of 9 to 5 Chic demonstrates how sweet they can look in stripes. The lines actually emphasize the narrowness above her bump, which is a flattering bonus on a variety of body types. To create some definition around her chest, Anh uses a chunky pendant necklace to break up the stripes. We love the look!


    Caitlin of A Dash of Darling lives up to her name with this nautical look. By staying in the black and white family, these two separates make a great pairing. The skirt boasts a wider stripe, so our focus goes to that half first. But if you'd like to switch it up, offer the other half center stage with a bolder stripe up top. Don't forget to accessorize! A bright skinny belt emphasizes her waist, and a boyfriend blazer makes this body-conscious skirt feel less va-va-voom for days in the office.

  • how to wear stripes

    Just when we were sure there was no way to wear a giant shapeless dress without looking like a tent, we found Natalie of The Tiny Closet. While the shape is loose, the stripes actually provide structure to this piece and allow us to see a bit of her feminine shape with the curves, shoulders and slit. Of course, what elevates this easy dress are the finishing touches of a great pair of earrings and bright lipstick. It’s those details that draw the line between an exhasperated, “Oh gosh I just threw this on” and a coy, “Why this old thing?"
    And now, a few of our favorite striped finds! Which would you choose? Click through to see...

  • striped-bag

    To Buy: Striped Baggu Shopping Bag ($10)

  • striped-scarf

    To Buy: Striped Scarf ($8)

  • maxi-skirt

    To Buy: Striped Maxi Skirt ($20)

  • striped-cardigan

    To Buy: Striped Boyfriend Cardigan ($20)

  • striped-tee

    To Buy: Striped Tee ($50)

p.s. How are you wearing horizontal stripes? We’d love to see - tag us on Instagram!


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